JBL Companies Adds Hospitality Division

September 15, 2011

JBL Companies is thrilled to announce that we’ve added a new division specializing in the marketing and merchandising of restaurant and hospitality assets.  Tim Cullers, a 24 year veteran in the industry of restaurant operations, has been appointed Senior Associate to manage the Restaurant/Hospitality Services division.  Stacy Sackett has joined as the Division Coordinator.

Tim and Stacy assist clients with the acquisition, disposition, or leasing of a wide range of restaurant and hospitality-related properties.  They also provide strategic consulting and financial analysis, business plan development, brand building, corporate reorganization and operations management.  For mergers and acquisitions, they offer strategic planning, help with the value proposal and evaluating the long-term synergies that can be created through growth.

“We recognized a need in the marketplace to provide real estate services specific to the restaurant and hospitality industry,” said JBL Companies’ president Jeffrey Larson.  “With the depth of Tim’s expertise, we now have the opportunity to provide this specific segment of the market with a complete tool box when it comes to creating strategies, developing solutions and enhancing values.”

“Stacy and I are very excited to join the JBL team and believe that we share the same vision and commitment to client relationships that are both long lasting and mutually beneficial,” Cullers said.  “They have established a reputation and level of credibility over the last 20 years that we felt was a strong match for a partnership.”


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