Tenant Representation

The economy & pandemic have had a serious impact on businesses and commercial real estate. Many tenants are re-examining their space needs and their lease rates in this soft market. Even if your lease has a number of months remaining, many tenants and owners are renegotiating their terms.

If you think it’s time for you to re-evaluate your current rental costs; please consider the following thoughts:

  • Gain the assistance of a professional who knows the market. Your landlord will have professional advice, you should too.
  • Your professional advisor should be able to tell you what is currently available in the market as well as current pricing.
  • It costs nothing to ask. Furthermore, much like the sale of property, the fees for your professional advisor are almost always paid by the property owner through a commission.

JBL Companies has over 30 years experience in representing clients in leasing. The brokerage professionals at JBL Companies implement real estate strategies on behalf of their clients which results in beneficial solutions based on careful evaluation of the clients’ business needs and goals.

The key to our successful Tenant Representation is our market knowledge and the knowledge we obtain during a thorough needs analysis process. We evaluate the client’s business plan, operational requirements, employee priorities and more. We combine our dedication to each client’s interest with our comprehensive understanding of the market and current real estate trends. After conducting this analysis, we evaluate every option in the marketplace. We look at every aspect of a prospective transaction and provide learned recommendations.

Client Representation Services Offered:

  • Comprehensive needs analysis and strategic planning
  • Market analysis report
  • Preview all potential locations – strategic site selection
  • Visit potential site locations with client
  • Municipal incentives identification and negotiation
  • Comparative property, infrastructure and financial analysis
  • Preparation of proposals to negotiate offers
  • Assisting with space planning
  • Negotiating the closing of the transaction

We invite you to take advantage of our complimentary needs analysis. To learn more about our Client Representation services, please call 651-686-0212 or complete our convenient contact form (click here).


In today’s highly competitive commercial real estate world, there are no margins for lack of experience. As a user of commercial real estate, it is critically important to approach leasing and relocation with the right team of experienced people. Let the experts at JBL Companies assist you with the relocation process.

What can you expect during your relocation process?

  • A thorough needs analysis
  • Definition of your project requirements
    • Space requirements
    • Building location
    • Building design
    • Financial consideration
    • Occupancy date
    • Length of Lease
    • Ability to expand
    • Parking
    • Life safety systems
    • Tenant improvement standards
  • Qualification of all building alternatives
  • Building investigation
  • Economic/functional analysis
  • Negotiations
  • Space planning
  • Leasehold construction
  • Occupancy
  • Follow up

Maintenance Request Form

If you are a current tenant in need of our Maintenance Services, please fill out a request form by clicking here.

If you have an emergency at any time, please call our office at 651-686-0212