Property Management

JBL Companies Property Management division focuses on operating buildings efficiently to provide maximum return on investment without compromising tenant satisfaction.

Services We Provide:

  • Tenant negotiations and contracts
  • Rent collections, payables and receivables
  • CPA prepared monthly reporting
  • Insurance management
  • Budgets
  • Investment planning and execution
  • Facilities maintenance and operation services
  • Cost reduction, conservation, and energy management
  • Tenant improvement coordination
  • Construction management

Tenant Loving Care Program

Each property is managed by an expert asset manager, CPA, leasing agent and management team.  Tenants enjoy JBL’s Tenant Loving Care program, an appreciation and communication program that proves its value in high tenant retention.

 Complete Service Package

  • Property procedures
  • Lease relevant rules
  • Required and preventative construction, repair, update and maintenance
  • Owner and/or tenant insurance
  • Energy management

Property Portfolio Management Services

  • Provide investment opportunities for clients to diversify their portfolios
  • Joint venture or individual property ownership opportunities
  • Strategic Planning
  • Complete reporting

CPA Reporting

CPA prepared monthly reporting is a JBL exclusive that permits direct integration of reporting figures, saving the client both time and costs.

Energy Management

Energy Management is one part of our cost reduction and conservation program.  This program reviews expenses, their basis; and evaluates resolution/solution costs versus the expenses.

Maintenance Request Form

If you are a current tenant in need of our Maintenance Services, please fill out a request form by clicking here.

If you have an emergency at any time, please call our office at 651-686-0212